It Pays to Join the Club

So far, I have shown you how to different daily deals, deals on your birthday and deals on Groupon and LivingSocial, but now I am going to show you the deals you can get any day of the year. If doesn’t have to be your birthday or a special day of the week to get a good deal, there are many places that offers deals just because. The following places you can receive deals all year round.

Waffle House

Free Waffle when joining online club

Quick Trip 

Free Hotdog and 32 oz Drink when joining online club               


Free Rental when signing up for the online club

Captain D’s

Free dessert for a month when joining the online club

Just by going to different websites and signing up for online deals, you can get deals on restaurants any time of the year.


Why McDonald’s Hates Me

McDonald’s began in 1940 and as we all know, it has become the largest hamburger fast food chain restaurant in the world. Each day, McDonald’s serves 68 million customers in 119 different countries. One reason McDonald’s has done exceptional well is because they do a really good job at marketing to children. Growing up I remember going to a ton of birthday parties at McDonald’s and spending months collecting all of the happy meal toys. Now that I am older going to McDonald’s seems routine. Now that I am in college and on a very tight budget in order to go to McDonald’s on a regular basis I have had to learn how to cut corners. Here are five ways I have learned how to stretch my dollar even further at McDonald’s.

  • Double Couponing: Every now and then McDonald’s sends out great coupons in the mail. Every time I go to McDonald’s, I have never had a problem using multiple coupons at once. Last month my friend and I used three coupons at the register. For a total of $3, we received two kids’ meals with large drinks, a double cheeseburger and an ice-cream cone.
  • Free Refills: I hate to admit this, but on occasion when I buy a drink from McDonald’s I will save the cup and return later to refill it for free. It is a shameful act, but this summer I saved a lot of money on soda.
  • Free Sauces: McDonald’s offers a variety of delicious sauces and if you play your cards right you can get free sauce packages to use for future fast food trips. Sometimes my friend and I get dinner plates at Wal-Mart for $4 and when we go to McDonald’s for dollar drinks, we get free sauces to go with our extremely cheap dinner plates.
  • Free Wi-Fi: This might come as a big surprised, but McDonald’s is actually a great place to study. McDonald’s has fast Wi-Fi and if you order a drink, you can get unlimited refills while you study. The majority of people who eat in McDonald’s do not stay very long so it is relatively quiet.
  • The Poor Man’s Big Mac: If you want to eat a Big Mac, but can’t afford to pay for one; a cheaper alternative is to order a double cheeseburger and ask a side of Big Mac sauce. It will taste just like a Big Mac, but costs a lot less.

For most people, McDonald’s is a cheap place to go out to eat, but when you are college even McDonald’s can seem expensive at times. The next time you go to a fast food restaurant and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, use some of these tips and you will be amazed how much money you will save.

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Get Saving!

Groupon and LivingSocial is really a cheap person’s best friend. If you do not already subscribe to Groupon and LivingSocial, you will be surprised the type of deals that the two sites offer. All you have to do is go to the websites and enter in your email address. Once you subscribe to Groupon and LivingSocial, you will receive daily deals in your email each day. The deals vary from discounts on spa treatments, oil changes and even cleaning services. Since subscribing to Groupon and LivingSocial, I have not paid regular price on oil changes or haircuts. Groupon and LivingSocial is good for trying new businesses in your area and supporting local businesses. The following is some of my favorite deals and some tips on optimizing your Groupon and LivingSocial deals.


Groupon: $5 for $10 at Papa John’s

LivingSocial: $10 for $20 at The Body Shop


  • When signing up for Groupon and LivingSocial, make a separate email address to send your daily deals to. Getting deals from Groupon and LivingSocial can take up a lot of room in your email box, having a separate email address for it will help you keep things organized.
  • Make a list of things or services you know you will need in the upcoming future and then put the list by your computer so that you will remember to look for those services when the two sites offer deals.

If you do not already belong to Groupon or LivingSocial, you should seriously consider. Belonging to Groupon and LivingSocial will save you money and time while introducing you to local businesses and restaurants.

Savings by the Day of the Week

The best time to go out to eat is really Monday through Wednesday. Monday through Wednesday is usually the slowest days for restaurants and because of this, they offer specials to get more customers to come in. The following is a list of places that offer special daily deals in the Tulsa area.


Fassler Hall                         

½ price sausages

White Owl                                                                 

$5 pizzas

Dilly Deli 

$3 Rueben


1.99 Chicken Fried Steak Dinner


 El Guapos Cantina 

 $1 Tacos

 Joe Momma’s

 $5 Pizzas and half price appetizers


    White Owl 

    $2 Tacos 


   $2 small gelato

Being aware of the daily deals offered in your area is just another way that you can save a lot of money the next time you go out to eat. Daily deals and promotions is just another great way that businesses get customers to come in even on the slow days.

Cheap Outings

As a college kid, I am always looking for deals and specials that I can use when I go out with my friends. It is always important to keep an eye out for special offers and discounts that are given by movie theaters, coffee shops, museums and other such places. If you go during a certain time or on a certain day, you could receive discounts on tickets. Here are the following deals that are offered in the Tulsa area.

Cinemark Movies 8

Tuesday’s: .75 movie ticket

Eton Square

$4 movie tickets all day and all evening

The Dust Bowl

½ Price bowling and shoes

Sunday-Thursday 10pm-Close

Monday-Friday 4-6pm

Gypsy Coffee House 

Tuesday Night Open Mic starting at 7pm

Philbrook Museum 

Free admission on the first full weekend of the month just present your Bank of America card.

Free admission on the second Saturday of every month

Free admission with an ORU I.D.

Hanging out with friends is an important part of college, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive part. By getting a group of friends together and going to a place that offers cheap entertain, you will be able to create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

Birthday Deals Part 2

My last blog I talked about some of the tips to best optimize your birthday deals. Now that you know what to do, I am going to tell you where to go. There are a ton of restaurants and stores that offer amazing birthday deals, the following is a list of places you can go to sign up for a birthday special at their website. Everything listed below is just a google search away.

If you really think about it, birthday deals is the best thing to happen to birthday’s since the invention of birthday cake. So the next time you have a birthday coming up, don’t forget to sign up for all of the free birthday offers.

Signing up for birthday deals does not take a lot of time to do, and it’s esay to find where to sign up.

My birthday is coming up and the only thing better than birthday cake, presents and time with friends is receiving free stuff from stores and restaurants. Not many people know this, but you can really save a lot of money during the month of your birthday just by signing up to receive birthday deals. Signing up for birthday deals does not take a lot of time to do, and it is easy to find where to sign up. Here are a couple of tips that will help you to optimize your birthday deals.

Tip One: Tip 1: Make a separate email account specifically dedicated for free birthday and club offers. If you use your regular email, emails from employers, clients or relatives might be lost in sea of emails from stores and restaurants concerning specials.

Tip 2: Some of the clubs will ask you to make your own password. Use the same password for every birthday offer.

Tip 3: At restaurants that employ wait staff you might want to consider calling ahead and ordering your food to go. Zio’s and Ruby Tuesdays allow for you to redeem your coupon as a to go order. This will save you from having to pay a tip. 

Tip 5: If your birthday has already passed, you might consider signing up friends or family members for free deals as a birthday present. Signing up friends or family members for the birthday deals makes a great gift because it saves them time of doing it themselves and who doesn’t love free stuff. Just make sure that you make them a separate email address, and that you know there area code and birth date. You can print off all of their birthday offers and present it to them in a nice box or folder.

My birthday is fast approaching, and I in the process of signing up for the last couple of places that I already am not a member to. I have found that these tips have made that process easier and more efficient.

Tips for Birthday Deals

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It pays to be a Kid

When I was a kid I always wanted to be older so that I could go out with my friends and have the freedom to do whatever I wanted. Now that I am grown up, when I go out with my friends, I wish I was a kid again so that I could pay the kids price for everything and save lots money. Although I cannot go back in time to when I was a kid or spend hours making myself look younger, at most restaurants I can still get away with ordering the kids meal for a cheaper price than ordering a regular meal. I believe that the kid’s meal is one of the best kept secrets to saving money when going out to eat. Most people do not know this but, most kids meals are half the price, have similar portion sizes to regular “adult meals” and come with a free drink. When I go out to a restaurant that I don’t already have a coupon for, I always get the kids meal and I am always surprised how small my bill is compared to everyone else’s. Of course every restaurant is different and some places have better kid’s meals than others. The following restaurants listed serve some of the best kid’s meals.

McAlister’s: Best kid’s meal ever. A McAlister’s kid’s meal comes with an entry, a side, a bag of teddy grams and a small drink for 3 dollars. The kid’s meal comes with big portions and if someone tried to order each item off the regular menu at regular price it would come out to be 6 dollars.

Texas Roadhouse: Second best kid’s meal ever. There is very little difference from a kid’s meal chicken basket to the regular menu chicken basket. This meal comes with four to five pieces of chicken, a side, a regular drink and unlimited rolls for 6 dollars after tax.

Cracker Barrel: When it comes to portion size, Cracker Barrel does not have the best, but what I like about the kid’s meal is that it states that it is for people of all ages on the menu and it comes with an entry, a side, cornbread, rolls and regular size drink with unlimited refills for under 5 dollars.

Whataburger: For around 3 dollars the kid’s meal comes with three chicken strips, fries, a cookie and a drink.

Smash burger: For around 4 dollars the smash burger kid’s meal comes with a burger, fries and a regular drink.

Saving money at food places does not always have to mean going on certain days of the week when specials are offered or clipping coupons for deals. Ordering a kid’s meal is a good strategy to save money eating out. Since I started ordering kid’s meals instead of “adult meals” I have cut my bill in half.

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Take Advantage of Your Opinion

Lately, I have noticed that more stores are offering incentives to fill out an online survey. After purchasing an item from a store or after getting a bill for a meal at a restaurant, a link for the online survey will appear at the bottom of the receipt. I personally prefer some type of discount or deal rather than a chance to win a pile of money for filling out a survey. Once I started filling out the surveys, I noticed that I saved a lot of money on items I buy on a regular basis. Taking the time to fill out the survey really is worth it. Here is a list of places that in my opinion offer the best deals for filling out surveys.

Panda Express: After filling out the Panda Express survey, customers receive a free entrée with a purchase of a two entrée and one side meal. Every time I go to Panda Express, I bring my survey code with me and I end up getting an extra side to save and have for another meal the next day.

Sonic: After filling out Sonic’s survey, customers will receive a free route 44 fountain drink on their visit. This is such a great deal because who doesn’t love a free route 44, that’s a $2 value right there.

McAllister’s: In my humble opinion, McAllister’s has the best incentive for filling out a survey. Any customer that fills out the survey will receive $3 off their next purchase. When I get A survey at McAllister’s, I order the kid’s meal that is $3 and then I use my $3 off coupon so I get the meal for free. The kid’s meal comes with one entrée, one side, a bag of Teddy Grams, a small drink and a pickle. I am the biggest foodie and that meal even fills me up.

IHOP: After completing a survey, returning customers will receive an order of pancakes for free. This is a really good deal, especially since the survey is relatively short.

Whataburger: After completing the survey, customers will receive a free burger with a purchase of a drink and fries.

Jcpenny: After completing a survey for JC Penny’s, customers will receive 15% off their next entire purchase.

When it comes to the services and the products that you receive from a company, why not get rewarded for giving your opinion. The next time you get a survey, do not disregard it, make it your opportunity to get some free stuff.

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